Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Web Promotion and Backlinking your Blog

Assuming you have already set up your RSS feed, you may want to do further web promotion and backlinking of your blog.

There are lots of sites around where all you need to do is write a short blurb outlining what your blog is about, insert a link back to your blog, and post.

You need to join each site, and please read the rules. Some only want a single line, while others prefer 200/300 words as a minimum.

Everyone is looking for unique content these days, so re-word your blurbs each time. Write a unique summary of what your blog is about.

I find the following list excellent for this.

IM Automator

You may also want to join IM Automator where you input up to 10 links a day for free. If you only have one blog, post all your individual posts by their separate URLs.

Social Monkee

Another free tool is Social Monkee, where you can use a free membership to create up to 25 new backlinks per day.

Why Backlink?

The whole point in having backlinks is to raise your blog profile and push it up the SERPS. The nearer to the top of the search engines your blog goes, the more visitors you can expect to get.

Unless you are writing in a high competition area, you should only have to backlink your blog once on each site, and then forget about it.

Some of the above list are revenue sharing too, so you can use your Adsense or Amazon affiliate code too.

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