Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Promote your Blog using RSS Feeds

If you've ever wondered how you can promote your blog using RSS feeds, then read on.

On Blogger, the RSS feed is called Atom.

Look down your page until you see the word Atom, and right-click on it. Choose open in new tab and copy link from top, or else just copy link location. Then open Feedburner and click on Burn a Feed.

Copy the URL of the new feed name they give you, and head over to Twitterfeed. Click on Add a Feed, and send your Feed to whatever Social Networking site you are already a member of - or join up to a few new ones.

Tell Twitterfeed how often you want your link promoted and to where.

Once done, you will not need to re-do these steps, because anything new you add to your blog will automatically be sent outwards.

Next, you will want to find a list of RSS Feed Submitter sites, and manually add your new feed to each one. This is a one off promotion. You will not need to do it again, but you will be amazed just how powerful this is in terms of pushing your blog up the SERPS.

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